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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time to move

... over to blogger

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of another year!

Last post for 2009!

Been lazy in updating ... perhaps I will make a fresh start next year :P

A bit over 6 hours, Happy New Year everyone! :)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Only Believe

God works in such wonderful ways =)

Since I began reading my daily devotionals about a month ago, I'm still continually amazed at how applicable it has been to what I do each day and to how I've been feeling. Emotionally, mentally, physically weakened; and yet those hundred or so words I read each morning just brings me back into perspective and reminds me of how much God is wanting us to completely entrust our lives to Him.

Stay happy.
Don't get pulled down.
God will work it out.

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Monday, October 19, 2009


About a week ago, I dug out the one and only Gackt album I have in possession - his Moon album - and started listening to it. And lol, when I got to the song "Memories" ... *heart* I don't think I've had such an obsession (listening to it over and over again and making it my ringtone LOL) with a song since ... a long time. Such a nice melody and catchy tune. Yay.

So, the other day I was meeting up with a friend and nearby, a group of people were doing wedding shoots. So periodically I would glance over and see what was happening. Bride and groom were a striking couple, the bride was pretty and an awesome floral print dress on (cbb going into details) and the groom ... looked like the main singer from F4, LOL! My first thought was "OK, that can't be possible, really can't imagine why someone like that would come to Australia and here specifically to get married, or rather, would even get married. But why does he look so familiar???" So obviously, that thought sat on my brain for the rest of the day with no result.
[Next day at work]
*Guy comes into shop* "Hi, I'm here to return this helium cylinder."
Me: *thinks: I've seen this person before..* Yep no problem. Oh hey! You had your wedding yesterday!
Guy: Um ... yes? *shifty eyes/semi-uncomfortable look*
Me: Yeah ... I walked past it yesterday ... nice balloons!
Guy: Um ... ok.
Me: =) *thinks: sigh, probably shouldn't have voiced out my thoughts, the guy probably now thinks that I was stalking him or something*
Interesting how the brain remembers things ...
Side note: The guy had also come into the shop the week before to book in the cylinder, so that's why I had actually seen him and said he looked familiar, I really am not stalking people, lol.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Just for fun

This just made me remember my love of arts and crafts (beading and origami). Not that I'm trying to create a business or anything, but to get an article thrown at you that semi-reminds you of your hobbies 2 weeks before an exam block... *supress urge supress urge*

I miss my arty crafty days =(

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hummer limos

What's the fascination with them lately? Went past people taking wedding shoots today and there were 3 limos ... 1 of which was a hummer limo. I just saw a few others the weeks before ... there're everywhere on the streets! Saw a hot pink one too!! :O And weddings! So many lately. Bus past one every week after work ... seems like quite the occasion this year.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Things found on usb.

Lame jokes. Don't know where they came from, lol.

1. A bicycle can't stand alone because it is two-tyred.
2. What's the definition of a will? It's a dead giveaway.
3. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
4. A backward [or dyslexic] poet writes inverse.
5. In democracy it's your vote that counts; In feudalism it's your count that votes.
6. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
7. If you don't pay your exorcist you get repossessed.
8. Acupuncture is a jab well done.
9. With her marriage she got a new name and a dress.
10. Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I'll show you A-flat minor.
11. When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.
12. The man who fell into an upholstery machine is fully recovered.
13. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.
14. You feel stuck with your debt if you can't budge it.
15. Local Area Network in Australia: the LAN down under.
16. He often broke into song because he couldn't find the key.
17. Every calendar's days are numbered. [In more ways than one.]
18. A lot of money is tainted. 'Taint yours and 'taint mine.
19. A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.
20. He had a photographic memory which was never developed.
21. A plateau is a high form of flattery.
22. The short fortuneteller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.
23. Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.
24. When you've seen one shopping center you've seen a mall.
25. Those who jump off a Paris bridge are in Seine.
26. When an actress saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye.
27. Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead to know basis.
28. Santa's helpers are subordinate clauses.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Macro,

I fail as a student.

Grr ...

Thought I knew my stuff ... but doesn't seem like that now.

Pray that God will really bring me through this subject T_T

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Brain Dump.

So I just spent 2 hrs straight doing 4 assessed accounting quizzes. What else to do after that than to procrastinate! And lookie, I remembered my semi abandoned blog.

Just a brief note and comment one what's been happening since last post til now (semi losing interest in detailedly blogging about what I do and whatnot):-
- re Sem1 09 exam marks: I passed everything! *joy* After law, passing was all that mattered then.
- Kids Club: Praise God for the wonderful week, had good fun, was nice and challenging, tested my skills of interacting with and taking care of kids, tiring, got to know more people around the church, found out kids are really clingy once they get attached to you (more so than before), earliest consistent waking up time during holidays/since ever. Looking forward to next year
- RICE: was an awesomely fantastic experience! I seriously can't wait til next year even though so many labour hours (estimated 53hrs+ over a month and a bit) were put into it. Praise God for the wonderful design team, for how things ran, for everyone's efforts and all the kids that came to either events!
- MYC: relationships, lol. Intense and challenging (talks + bible studies) and entertaining week , interesting food, got to know more people from uni, got to talk more to people I don't usually talk to, really cold, semi out of comfort zone, decent camp site minus no reception. Learnt a lot and hope to remember and apply to my own life. I wonder what next year will be like.
- Work: was basically non-existent over the holidays due to various activities, 3rd week back or something now, nice to be earning some income again, the usual jobs + funny and random incidents, interesting talks with fellow employees, considering to get relevant job experience.
- Baptism: 16 August 2009! with 7 others, memorable moment/day, great to hear how God has been working in everyone's lives :)
- BLT+ : another good weekend of reminders and a kick back on track with my walk with God, Psalm 119 is so long but good to go through, met new people, met up with people I hadn't seen in a while, challenging talks that made me reconsider how I've been approaching things, entertaining free time on the beach building sand sculptures of sorts lol, nice relax time. Looking forward to next year and wish I could go to the January one.
- ITB: exam done and conclusion - needed to study more, but was very useful nonetheless.
- Uni: 6th week in, workload increasing, exams approaching, falling behind. yay.
- Church worship team: enjoying it, not as hard as I first made out to be, can sorta sing higher notes now, praise God for the opportunity to be a part of it, kinda drawing me back to my piano playing, love the songs.
- Friends: been able to meet up with those I hadn't seen in a while, outings + dinner, good/regular opportunities to catch up with some, constantly stuck around one particular friend every day at uni (hahaha jks, love you :P), wish we could all just have the ability to just meet up whenever.

TioN coming up this weekend, can't wait!

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Monday, June 29, 2009


In a nice change, for this month of holidays, I actually have things to do, there are actually plans. Kids Club, MYC, RICE, and catching up with studying ITB. Every other June/July holiday period to memory has just consisted of sitting around at home thinking about what to do and getting lazy. Another thing I noted was that these holidays are always somewhat God/ministry focused, whether it be from a week long camp from previous years or just generally (I confess) more time to spend with God without uni things being thrown at you at the same time.

First day of Kids Club was today. I must say that the minor doubt I had in me about signing up for it this year was pretty much quickly pushed away upon arriving at church this morning. Minus the feeling of uber cold weather in the morning, when walking through the doors, I just suddenly felt really glad about actually having the opportunity to participate in the program and helping the kids that were coming to learn more about God. Anyway, the day was fun and the kids were a way more manageable group than I thought/expected, which is a big plus. Looking forward to how the rest of the week develops.

RICE ... lots of design prep coming up. Hoping that we'll all be able to put together our ideas properly and gather all the resources that we need to make the decorations. Nice large project work ahead. Should be fun. Looking forward to the actual 2 days that are coming up in amongst the busy prep between now and then :)

Need to get moving in ITB, kinda need more focus on it. MYC ... looking forward to and hoping it'll be a challenging experience!

Planned and somewhat planned holidays! I like, I like :) Hope everyone's having a good holidays!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yay the semester is over once again and exams have just finished for me as of 5pm yesterday! Now it's just waiting for the results to come out, and to have a sure confirmation that I've actually passed the exams before I feel truly relieved T_T

Things noted in this SWOTVAC/Exam period:
- Having 4 exams in three days really sucks =(
- Pointed out several times that I am the "silent stresser/worrier" ... which was somewhat interesting.
- There really is a difference in the level of exam difficulty between first year and second year courses.
- Never again am I having a "late start" semester ever again. Body clock and brain never really properly adapted to the earlier wakes over the past 2 weeks, hence study efficiency wasn't too good and consisted of much yawning and zoning out.

In other news, RICE! . It is drawing closer and closer, and it's so exciting to be involved in this area of ministry. It's great to see all the churches work so closely together to form 2 funfilled and challenging days for the school kids. Helping out within the design group this year is really giving me a better idea of how much work really goes into all the planning and promotion of it. And that I really need to be more organised and have better time management, lol. Either way, exams are now over so can focus more on helping out when needed instead of worrying about a million things at the same time. Can't wait :)

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Friday, May 15, 2009

One Month.

Until exams are upon us. This time next month, I would have finished exactly one exam, brain dead, be at home (as I am now) studying my bum off for the next two exams the following day whilst in brain dead mode and hopefully get some kind of sleep between then and 6am the next day...

... yay.

Such is life for me in the coming month (and the lead up to it). My exam timetable sucks. Massively. Sorry to those who have heard me complain countless times already, I shall stop, I know it does me no benefit whatsoever.

So during this period of busyness, added stress loads, impending doom and whatnot, its made me think about the actual significance and importance of all this uni stuff and its relation to other things in life and getting priorities straight.
[Random thoughts]
God? Friends? Uni? Work? Which is more important? For me, God will always have the highest priority. Everything else I do comes after that and are the constant reminders of all the wonderful things God has done for and given me. "Second" would be friends. Time is precious. Time passed is time gone, never again will the time be given back. Savour the moments and grab the opportunities. I know recently I've bumped into family friends I hadn't properly seen/talked to in a long time and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to catch up with them (and my classes finishing early, lol). "Third" and "everything else" would be uni and work and all that. Yes uni is "important" in that it gets you a job for the future (or so it's supposed to, lol) so that you can start on the stuff you do in life after study (cbb with details), but is it really worth all that time you put into it, to get super good marks or whatever, and not do much of anything else? Or rather, is it really worth that extra effort to get you over some mark threshold when you could've (eg) used that time to check up on a friend, or talked to a friend who needed someone to talk to, shared the gospel with someone, etc.? Work ... why do we work? Are we doing it for the money or for the experience or something else? If for experience, ok, if for money, why? Either way, if we're still studying, do we really need to work/work so many hours?
In any case, " " priority stuff beforehand was said so because it all has somewhat of an equal priority/importance/whatever. Making the right decisions/choosing between them though ... hmm. Aand I really don't know where I'm going with this ... I'm so tired.
[/Random thoughts]

Tis very cold right now.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

But do they sparkle??

Yesterday was probably the most interesting day at work all year (previous weeks were pretty much quiet and contained much thumb-twiddling and staring off into space); various jobs kept everyone occupied, customers frequently entered, moderate amount phone calls/orders/queries ... keeping us all moving until closing time.

Yesterday was also a day with much fail and lol.

#1 [If only stuff like this happened at work ... LOL!! ... http://notalwaysright.com/its-a-miracle-shes-still-on-the-ground/1847]
(this is halfway through an order/transaction)
Girl: So like, If I wanted to blow up these balloons myself, would I be able to?
Me: Like taking them to the florists for helium?
Girl: No, like blowing them up by mouth.
Me: Yeah of course, but they just won't be floating. You want them floating in the air didn't you?
Girl: No, no, I like want them on the ground.
Me: ... and not floating? *stops transaction*
Girl: Yeah I do, but like on the ground.
Me: Ok so what you're buying now is like a helium filled balloon with a piece of string coming down to be weighed down onto the ground. If you blow the balloons up yourself, they'll actually be on the ground because they'll be air filled and it's helium that makes balloons float.
Girl: Oh right, I get what you mean now *laughs* Then I guess if I blow them up myself they won't float.
Me: Yes.
Girl: Ok, yeah I'll get those balloons blown up then.
Me: *continues with transaction*

#2 [She has hearing and memory problems...]
Girl: Hi, I'm looking to get some balloons, what kind of sizes do you guys have?
Coworker: 30, 40 and 90cm ones *motions each balloon size with hands, making a massive circle for the 90cm one*
Girl: Oh wow ... so the 90cm one is quite big! So what kind of price would I be looking at for that one?
Coworker: They're [price] each for the standard colours and a couple of dollars more if you want the metallics. Girl: Okay so I'll probably go for the standard ones since they're cheaper... and what kind of colours do you have in those?
Coworker: Well what colours are you looking to get and how many? Because we only have a limited amount in each colour
Girl: Well I'm looking to get around 10 ... red ones would be good. Can I get those? *points to a stack of balloons that we're obviously in the process of working through*
Coworker: No, sorry, those are for an order that we've got for this afternoon.
Girl: So you're not selling them?
Coworker: No we aren't ...
Girl: Ok so can I take a look at the available colours?
*we proceed to sift through the box to look colours and 10 in the same colour*
Coworker: I'm sorry, we might have some problem in finding 10 balloons in the same colour for you in that size. What are you needing the balloons for?
Girl: Well it's just for this artwork idea that I have ... I'm not too sure how it'll turn out or how many balloons I actually need, really. Do you have like purple or something?
Coworker: *sifts around* Yep! A whole packet as well, unopened. And there's 10 in a pack! Here you go. This is the standard purple.
Girl: So that's a purple?
Coworker: Yes, right now it looks sort of black but when it's blown up, I assure you that it'll look like this colour *blows up a smaller version*
Girl: Ok ... so there's 10 in here?
Coworker: Yes.
Girl: And how much are they each?
Coworker: They're [price] each.
Girl: They're [price] each?
Coworker: Yes.
Girl: And this is like the metallic? Do you have the standard ones in there?
Coworker: No it's the standard colour.
Girl: Ok ... so how many are in this packet?
Coworker: Ten.
Girl: And how much is it?
Coworker: They're [price] each.
Girl: Each! Oh wow, so like if there's 10 in here, that's quite pricey. Can I not get 10? Maybe like 5 or something.
Coworker: Sure, we sell them individually anyway.
Girl: *staring at the packet* So like are there any other types of purple? What if I didn't want these metallic ones?
Coworker: No, the ones you're holding are the standard colour.
Girl: Oh okay, so it's not metallic?
Coworker: No.
Girl: And how much are they?
Coworker: They're [price] each.
Girl: And I don't have to get the whole pack?
Coworker: No you don't.
Girl: Alright I'll get like 5 then.
Me: ...

#3 [But do they sparkle???!]
Man (with heavy Indian accent): Do you sell candles?
Coworker: Yep, I'll just show you where they are.
*5 minutes later* Man: Do these sparkle? *firmly waves a packet of candles around*
Coworker: ... sparkle? You're holding candles there.
Man: But do they sparkle??
Coworker: I'm sorry I'm not too sure what you mean.
Man: *sighs* Ok. *pulls out phone and walks back to candles*
*5 minutes later*
Man: Do have candles that SPARKLE?
Coworker: Um ... ?
Man: *sigh* Here, here, just talk *shoves her his mobile*
Coworker: Um ... *gets phone* Hello? *inaudible voice over phone*
Man: *frustrated look on face*
Me: Oh hey! Nevermind, I think I know what he's talking about. *runs to pick up a pack of Sparklers* Do you mean these?
Man: I'm not sure.
Coworker & Me: ...
Man: *stares at packet* I might just get these. *pays and leaves*
Coworker & Me: lol ... *continues with work*
*10 minutes later - man re-enters store talking on the phone, goes to candle section and walks back up to counter*
Man: So the ones I bought before, do they sparkle??
Me: Yes. They do.
Man: Then what about these ones?
Me: Those ones are match lit candles, they don't sparkle as such, they're the ones you put on birthday cakes and where kids like to blow them out after singing happy birthday. The ones your bought before can't be blown out but they do sparkle and stuff.
Man: So the candles don't sparkle?
Me: No.
Man: Ok, so how do you put these (the Sparklers) into a cake?
Me: It's the same deal as those candles you're holding. They have a pointy end and all you have to do is just poke it into the middle of the cake.
Man: *stares at the wax candles* Okay ... I might get these as well.
Me: Sure.
Man: *pays and runs off quickly*
Coworker: BUT DO THEY SPARKLE!!!? *laughs*
(It's always good to make sure what you're buying is right and listen to the wife? lol)

#4 [No duh ...]
Me: *flips through job folder* Oh wow! There are absolutely no jobs booked in for tomorrow! *amazed* =O
Coworker: Yeah, that's great...
Me: It's absolutely empty!
Coworker: ... that's cuz it's a public holiday tomorrow.
Me: Oh yeah ... NEVERMIND!
Coworker: *laughs*
(FAIL. *headwall*)

#5 [To look nice?]
*Lady walks down the street in high platformed heels with two friends (male)*
Guy #1: I don't get how you chicks walk in those kinda shoes aye.
Guy #2: *laughs* I agree, I mean, look at how you're walking!
Lady: *looks at guys and laughs* (didn't hear what she said)

#6 [Vote ... anyone?]
Female Bus Driver: *shouts* Is anyone else freezing their butts off in here? Do you guys want the air-con turned off?
Passengers: -silence-
Female Bus Driver: Anyone? Anyone? *stares hard at rearview mirror*
Passengers: -silence ensues, people glance around-
Female Bus Driver: Okay, then it's just me ... I'll leave it on.

Ok, back to assignment time.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

And so it began.

... (sorta). I typed this up like before uni started (was going to post before the sem) but then never finished ....

Three weeks of uni have come and gone (and now it's near the end of the fourth). Three months of holidays have come and gone. I was going to do some semi-detailed HK entry with pictures and whatnot but I figure that'd take me too much unnecessary time =P

The 3 months of holidays that've passed have been by far, probably the most experience-filled holidays that I have gone through. I really only have God to thank for this and it has only been by His grace that it had gone by so well and they way they have. I learnt so so much from those 3 months. I know many of you had probably heard me complaining about how the 2 months in Hong Kong was so long (and that I'd never go back for so long ever again) and working as well which was partially interesting, partially boring, but honestly, after all that, I wouldn't have traded any of those 2 months of experiences for anything else (such as not going to HK, or decreasing the weeks I was there for, or just staying back here and work full time over the holidays at the partyshop (and probably not gain much from it) or find another job).

Primarily, I would say that I have learnt and understood more about myself, family and relatives during the time in HK ... maybe because it was in a different environment (and one that I haven't ever gotten used to) and it gave me time to just think about stuff during lonely transport to and from home time, lol. Secondly, maybe because I'm older or something, I've been shown around (by either relatives or family friends) to more different places for awesome food/more rememberable experiences and also chatting about more different/serious-ish things (and not like "How's the weather back in Aus? How's school?" to which the conversations shortly die off).

In "short":
Work - was definitely a very very beneficial opportunity and I'm so glad that mum still keeps in touch with her old work mates and was able to find me a job to occupy my time over in HK. I was able to gain experience that I probably would never be able to get again. Working overseas allowed me to observe how businesses ran (or rather, the law firm I was working in) and what the HK working environment was like. Got to do reception work (post letters, recording post, greet clients, take phone calls in chinese =S which was ultimate FAIL... (thank goodness for the invention of line redirecting and the HOLD button, lol...), translation work (various witness statements and police reports, chinese to english, thank goodness for the internet and yahoo to search up words I didn't know...), sit in court for two whole days to witness a hearing! =O, clean up half of an office (spent 4 days removing staples from 6 waist-heigh stacks of paper to use as draft paper ... hands so dead, cramped and rough after all that), deliver documents (didn't get lost!) and finally, the opportunity to make some new "friends" (the secretaries ... that were closer to my age, about 4 of them) in HK and spent most of my time in HK talking and eating with. Forever will I remember all these memories and experiences in this firm~ and hopefully it'll help me when work for me in the real world comes around.

Eating - is the best thing to do in HK!!! Wheeee. It's everywhere, it's cheap and ... it's cheap =D Everywhere you walk, there'll be some kind of food store, whether it be snacks or asian fast food restaurants. Food during the working week always revolved around 5 eating places which went on rotation. So with all those weeks working and eating in those places, there was many opportunities to try various dishes and wonderfully cheap food that filled you up heaps and heaps! (I think I ate twice as much as I usually would in HK and my metabolism was on a roll as well ... too bad it stopped when I came back XD) Food at night usually consisted of 4/5 dishes made by grandma (eaten between 6 people .... but when it was down to 3 people, she still made that many =S) and was always something like 1 dish of some kind of vegetables, 1 dish of chicken/duck/char siu, 1 dish of other meat stuffs, 1 dish of fish, and another dish of whatever things were used to make the daily soup ... and also rice (but that's a given of course). So yes, that was quite a bit of food in the morning. Breakfast was standard, some kind of bread/bun (from Maxim) and malted milk drink. It was like that every morning cuz I always wake up just in time to prepare and rush out of the house and grab the food along the way to the MTR in the station. Occassional weekday dinners with Monica consisted of going to Japanese/Korean restaurants which were fairly decent priced and left us eating happily and wanting more (but unable to eat more). Weekend food habits consisted of going to various yum cha places with various relatives and eating lots and lots and lots of food .... Some yum cha places were excellent and cheaply priced, however some were also the other way around, and some were excellent AND pricy, but eh~ fooood =D I think I'm just gonna stop there. Point taken is that I ate a lot and a lot of different food at a lot of various places. Awesome cheap HK food!

Shopping - was somewhat interesting. Before going to HK, I thought I would only have time to shop in the last 2 weeks of my stay since I was working 5 and a half/six days a week during the prior 2 months. Interestingly though, time was occassionally made at night and on the weekends to do some quick few hour shopping which resulted in goods being purchased rather quickly and early in the trip. Shopping this time back increased tenfold and although that happened, my opinion on shopping still hasn't changed, and probably more confirmed my thoughts on it ... I still really don't like shopping, at times I feel it's like a chore, there was way too much of it in HK, I don't think I'll ever repeat these shopping habits ever again. So after 2 months, lots of asian winter clothing is now in my wardrobe, I finally got some boots (only thing I was actually looking forward to get) and yeah, small amounts of food were purchased, massive amounts of origami paper was purchased (though sadly when purchased at one place, found someplace else cheaper the day later), legal asian music obtained, various other miscellaneous stuff purchased. Ya. Another note, all my expenses during my time in HK were paid for with my earnt money in HK! Spending your own money really does have a very different feeling, there's a great satisfaction of buying food and what you want with your own money, knowing that you don't need to pay anyone back/you're using someone else's money XD

Relatives - it was great to see everyone again after so long. Catch up with and get to talk to cousins and see how they're going with things in life and their studies/work etc. Was also great to see how my lil cousins have grown and how cute they've become XD and how much more they talk now than they used to when I first got to know them. Lots of interesting/indepth conversations with certain reles abt work and things in life .... conversation topic sure have changed with age o_o; But yeah, it was good getting to see everyone again and spend time with them =)

... I think that's all the easy areas that I can possibly talk about ... well that's all that's coming to mind right now anyway. I guess I'll post more when I remember other more post-worthy things ... whenever that'll be XD

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Silly things.

So I realise I've been a bit lazy with this whole blogging thing lately ...

[Last Sat at HJ's]
Me: Hi, can I get a sausage and egg bacon wrap meal?
Counter girl: Sure. (money retrieval and food collection ensues)
*later after eating hash brown*
Me: Time for some meat! *takes massive bite* So cheesy and eggy ... *stares inside wrap* ... *heads back up to counter*
Counter girl: Yes?
Me: Hi, I ordered a sausage and egg bacon wrap but I got the cheesy omelete wrap.
Counter girl: Oh, so you don't want it?
Me: No.
Counter girl: Alright *grabs my wrap, chucks in bin and hands me another/the right one I wanted* Here you go.
Me: Thanks.
*back at the table*
Me: *takes a bite* ... this sausage is rather hard ... *stares inside* ... omgsh she gave me the steak wrap ... oh well *continues to eat* At least I didn't pay more for getting something less (like the one before)

Note: Both wraps I got had identical wrapping markings ... the kitchen really needs to review their production line.

[The same Sat at work later]

*Mother is shopping around with daughter when the daughter starts fidgeting around.* Mother: Hi, do you guys know where the nearest restroom is?
Me: Yeah, across the road.
Mother: Alright, thanks. *drags daughter by the hand up the stairs and continues to scold her in some language*
Me: =S
Boss: Poor girl, all she wanted to do was go to the toilet and she gets scolded by her own mother ....

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Story.

Some 15 minute TV interlude thing that I saw in HK on TVB Pearl and which I thought Iíd share here.

Q: What is the biggest company in the world?

A: Busy-ness

You cannot see it.

We are all busy with work (students/workers), we are all busy with life we are all busy with relationships, we are all busy with everything that we need to call and make dinner arrangements with our own parents.

The Story: There was once a busy businessman who made dinner arrangements with his girlfriend. That night, he arrived at the restaurant in a hurry, quickly and randomly ordered a dish of the menu and continued to text and talk on the phone for the whole night. The food came and he ate in hurry, took the girlfriend to a taxi so she could go home, got back to his own car and then drove back to the office to continue his work. Later on, at 4am in the morning, the man receives a call from the police to inform him that his girlfriend is missing and would like him to go to the station for questioning. The man is shocked and immediately calls his girlfriendís parents to confirm this. The businessman arrives at the police station to which the officers proceeded to ask him questions.

What kind of hair did she have? What length was it? The man paused, hesitated and responded with ďI donít knowĒ. What kind of clothing was she wearing last night? Once again, the man responded with ďIím not sure.Ē What kind of shoes was she wearing? What sort of bag was she holding? Once again, the business man said ďI donít know.Ē Ok, final question: did you take a look at your girlfriend last night? The business man thought about it for a while, and finally he responded with ďNo, not really, I didnít look at her last night, I was too busy on my phone.Ē Sir, Iím sorry but the only option right now is for you to go home and wait for news about your girlfriend.

The businessman returned to his home, worried and anxious. Later that morning, the man receives a call at 7am from the police informing him that his girlfriend had returned home. The man then rushed over to her house to see her. Upon entering the house, he found that his girlfriend had short hair, was dressed nicely in a red dress and observes that his girlfriend was in fact, a very pretty woman. On that day (I think thatís what the TV person said, lol), the business man made the decision to marry her and with the promise that everyday, he would take 5 minutes each morning before he headed off to work, to just take a look at his wife from head to toe and remember every single detail about her.

My thoughts: No, I didnít post this story up here just to bag out guys who donít treat their girlfriends properly, nor did I post this up with any intention of implying anything bad/of that sort in BGR. I just thought this was an interesting story that prompted me to think about our own lives, how busy we actually are and how it sometimes affects our relationships with other people when it all starts ďgetting too busyĒ. We are all so sucked into the daily things that we need to do in our lives (going to school or uni or work or looking after the family etc). It consumes us, we get swamped; blinded by the things that are thrown onto us everyday.

Having been in HK for two months, itís given me time away from my ďnormal lifestyleĒ (ie. away from the things I like doing, away from home, away from friends and family). For about a month and a half, I lived by myself with grandparents, and that gave me a lot of self time because I really didnít have anyone in the house to talk to (lol, I canít really talk to my grandparents for long, and sometimes thereís massive communication issues). In short, it gave me a lot of time to think and reflect on my life, how busy it was and my relationships with people and family. Over the past year, there wouldíve probably been more than sufficient time for me to give some time to friends to help them or just solely have a decent conversation with and catch up, etc. However, I have claimed to be ďtoo busyĒ or had ďother things to doĒ. In addition to that, small tasks and stuff Iíve set out over the year, Iíve been too lazy to do, thinking to myself that I had something else more important to do in the meantime. In the end I never ended up getting around to it (only some) and only ended up doing other things Ö things that I regularly do and am able to just not do for one day and do what I set out for myself. Now that that story came about, makes me kinda reconsider how I go about doing things in the future.

I really donít know whole proper point of me writing that today ... but anyway ...

That was ... rather long. HK update + photos will be posted sometime ... this week, depending on how unlazy I get haha. Other stuff I wanted to post might slowly make their way here ... slowly.

Last two weeks of holidays! Hope everyoneís having a great time and making the most of it, hehe. Iím Ö kinda somewhat looking forward to/unsure of uni this year, lol. Weíll see how it goes.

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Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm lazy ... 

I'm at work ...

I'm slow ...

I'm a day late ...
... but ...

Happy New Year! =P

Hope everyone will have a great year in 2009! ^_^

Macau-ing for two days tmrw, wonder what that'll be like hmm ...

Proper updates to come (obviously) when I'm back at hoooome!!... *sighanothermonthandabitmoresighsolongsigh* Photos! and more photos! and in the meantime, more food and more photos! XD

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Packing adventures

Yes, I've been lazy. Haven't posted as often as intended. And that book review won't be happening for a while now, heh. So packing is basically all done and now just writing down everything/anything I need to further prepare myself for the trip. Seriously this year, totally not in the feel of going somewhere. Short talk with mum before revealed that maybe it's because I've already had 3 weeks of holidays and have settled into the mood here, so going to HK kinda breaks the mood. And like, previous years, it's usually I finish school and then we head off a couple of days afterwards, so I don't really settle into a holiday as much as this time. Meh. Trying to psyche myself up atm haha.

Well, since I'm going to be away for such a long time, I hope everyone continues to have an awesome holiday whereever you are and whatever you're doing. Wishing you all an uber early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Chinese New Year (haha) since I most likely won't be able say this to you guys personally. See you all back in February, lol.

*disconnects self from cyberworld, lol*

(I'll be barely contactable via email, but you can try, who knows, I might find something =P Phone is the way to go! I will always be contactable by phone hehe.)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Mashed my thumb into the dishwasher a few days ago and when I press down on it now, it still has that kinda squished hurt/sting feeling. Heh.

Also been mucking around on the piano for an hour or so this morning. Songs with massive chords on one hand and severe arpeggio left hand. My poor hand, abnormally stretched for an extended period of time, lol. Oh well, it was fun, playing songs I like/want to play instead of ones I'm made/have to play. Made me realise once again, though, that I'm really not suited to continuing/restarting my piano anymore because honestly, its physically impossible for my hands. And to have to constantly practice these songs (exam songs too for that matter ... I'm not particularly fond of playing exam pieces ... ) for a long period of time would seriously kill me. I still don't believe the "more practice will stretch you hands" thing as well. Oh, pieces were Utada Hikaru's "Passion" (from Kingdom Hearts 2) and Gackt's "Story" (yes, I still like Gackt ... his older songs anyway)

I realise my titles have no relevance whatsoever to the contents of the blog. Meh.

Dreams are a very weird thing. Like, what is the meaning behind them? Is it something we want/don't want to happen? I woke up this morning remembering that I had a random dream about breaking a massive cup. I was really upset about it and was crying badly and wrapping up the broken pieces with newspaper (favourite cup? o_O; SO WEIRD). And I vaguely remember something of people running away. A while ago I think I had a dream about having a massive argument with someone (can't remember who) and I woke up fully weirded out - I don't really argue with friends. Last year I had a dream about the whole school flunking QCS but then in the end all was good. That was super weird, maybe it was just me in exam mode and worrying about everything. So weird ....

On the other hand, holidays. They have been pretty normal I guess. The usual things I'd get up to whenever such things come around. More chores, cook stuff(less so though ...), read, origami, work (yay! 'cept the store has been kinda dead and orders severely decreased due to the financial problem), going out for movies/to bum, clean up my endlessly messy room, continue to imagine/design my "ideal room" knowing it won't happen (lol). Very general overview of holidays so far, I can't be bothered going into anything more deep and meaningful. Not in the mood, how suitable to the weather atm, heh.
Some photos:

Takoyaki Arrangement 1

Takoyaki Arrangement 2

Gingerbread Menz!


Bulgogi with flat potato noodles

Teh sky!

More sky

Anyways, hope everyone currently on holidays overseas are safe and having fun. Those that are going to be heading off ... have fun and stay safe as well!

1 more week til HK for me. Hmm ... I'm half psyched up for it.

One more book in the "Twilight" series to read. Then I might do a semi rant about it, haha. I think I'm biased. This is such a typical story - typical in the way that there's all different typical elements thrown together to make up the one. But I'll leave that til next post after I finish reading the last book =P And contrary to popular (girls) view ... I do not love Edward Cullen, lol.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For those who didn't know, reading novels was a favourite past time of mine. I was a serious bookworm. Then high school set in and I began to read less ... and less ... and well, you get the idea. That's how I think of it anyway. It could be due to the fact that I couldn't seem to find many books of interest to me in the libraries or the fact that my trips to the library have decreased as well.

I'm pretty disappointed at myself in the fact that I haven't been regularly reading books or slowly immersing myself back into my old habits. Because of that, I've found that my reading pace has seriously decreased and words don't really sit for long in my brain. My hearing abilities and retaining the heard information has also decreased as well, but I'm not sure that that's really related. But eh.

So it's been a long time since I've picked up some kinda of proper reading material. Something enjoyable, that'll sustain my interest and preferably in series form (because I don't really like reading single books unless the blurb sounds vaguely interesting). I mean, right now I'm going through "A Purpose Driven Life" all over again and yes that is really enjoyable, interest sustaining and even better, thought inducing ... but it's not really "novel" material.

So! Since my sister purchased the whole series of Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight' series and to which they magically appeared on my bookshelf (not =P), and because there's such a massive craze about it ... I have decided to start on this 4 book series and find out just what it is that's so interesting about it. I mean, vampire love story ... I'm sure there's other stories out there like that (ie. Vampire Knight ... but who knows, that's an anime) And then the whole girls going crazy of Edward Cullen thing. And then the fact that the 'Twilight' movie is coming out soon or later ... don't get it.

But I guess I'll find out soon from reading it. Maybe this will be something 'entertaining' for me to do for the next week or so depending on how fast I read. And also, I (for once) will be a good girl and not read the last few pages of the novel before flipping back to the front and start reading it. Heh ...

On the other hand ... holidays are here! (since a week ago though... but I haven't updated since) And the weather is so munted! And eating cheese fondue is such a funny experience XD

I'll try update more tomorrow and more regularly before I detach myself from the cyberworld in about 2 weeks for about 2 months ._.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

One more to go ...

Concentration and motivation levels are waning but luckily still there. Let's hope it sustains itself til Monday.

SWOTVAC and exam period (so far) for this semester has been going pretty well. In my perspective anyways, and in comparison with what my studying habits and whatnot were like last semester (eg. procrastinating all swotvac and starting to study 2/3 days before each exam because yes, they were that spaced out.) This time it was like (mostly) studying every day when I was at uni (SLC whiteboards are good for studying law LOL whee), and uh, half studying when at home because I was either procrastinating *cough* or melting in heat and didn't want to move/think. Overall, I will say that I study better at uni, whether it's the whole "everyone's studying" feel that makes me work or the lack of distracting things around me. Having a good balance of study time, food time, and talk time has also proven to be a very worthy method for me. Better make sure that I continue (to some extent) studying like this in the next 2 years otherwise I'm gonna find myself at home procrastinating big time and not doing things very effectively and just ... eating o_o;

Chocolate is good.

Especially Whittakers Dark Ghana.


Ok ok, I'll find something more worthy to post here other than my study life in the last 2 weeks, lol.

I can't think of anything.

I have some more bus stories but I don't think I'm gonna bore everyone with stuff like that again since it's not the most interesting thing to talk about. There was just an awesomely nice lady bus driver a couple of weeks ago and the driver of this bus I regularly catch isn't the agro man I thought he would be, he's actually quite nice. So those two things make me feel very "gum dong" haha. And some bus drivers are really silly. Like, having the aircon on full blast, making the bus feel like a refrigerator on a rainy/cool/shady day *shivers*.

Music is good. I spent the whole of last night just listening to music after I borrowed out a stack of CDs from the local library. Semi-old stuff. Just makes me think how nice it would be to listen back to the songs I liked way back in primary school. Anyways, methinks I'm on a music spree/expedition atm. Trying to find all the stuff that I really like and finding place to get them legally so that I can get rid of my illegal stuff just because it's making me feel really bad. I guess I've always felt guilty about it (since all the sites were like "Support the artists and purchase their music!") but I just feel more so lately so I'm motivated to actually take proper action. And also because I know some other friends are doing that too. But thinking back, I remember how good it felt so good to get the "real thing" as opposed to downloading it. Hm, getting the english music is alright, just the asian music is kinda harder. Maybe I should stop listening to it? But nuu ...

Holidays are drawing near and I reckon before I know it, I'll be in HK ... and away from here for a whole 2 months and a bit. For some reason, my urge to go to HK this year isn't as "extreme" as previous times. I don't know why (or maybe I do). Maybe it's the fact that it's 2 months ... as opposed to a little less than a month in previous times. Or maybe it's the prospect that I'll be getting some work experience (I think/hopefully) and that I am torn between wanting to and not wanting to. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm not gonna be able to see my friends for such a long time (I've found that I'm quite "attached"/rely on my friends quite a lot). Or maybe it's just that I have this inner feeling that there's unknown something I have to do here over the holidays. I DON'T KNOW. Whatever it is, HK is still definitely happening and I'm definitely looking forward to it. But yeah, I just ... don't know o_O;;;

Hm ... was reading back to my early early posts and I just realised how lame some of them were. And how much my english sucked. And the amount of "..." I used to link my sentences. You know ... like this ... so things aren't like ... really written in sentences ... and so it's just all linked together type thing.
How life has changed over all these years.

Eeh ok... I'll stop procrastinating. I foresee some "Get back to work!!! -_-" thrown at me.

Freecell is fun XD

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Things that can happen in a car

Me: Hey what's that constant beeping sound, it's coming from the back of the car ...

Mum: Maybe your sis is pressing some kinda button

Me: *checks* No ... she's sound asleep. Argh! Where's the beeping sound coming from?! It's getting louder!!

Mum: Just check around the car or something ...

Me:It's still getting louder ...

[...you know your car needs repairing when ... *beeping abruptly stops*]

Me: omgsh, you serious?! It was the radio ....

Mum: HAHA ... radio technology these days ... or maybe it's because you transferred half the sound to the back

sigh ....

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Making friends

Started off being invited to a friend's youth night, me thinking about, and deciding not to go on the basis that I didn't really know people there all that well (except a select few) and that I always feel out of the "circle" (not that it really concerns me) each time I randomly go ... probably cuz I'm not much of a conversationalist and just usually talk to those who I know or approach me otherwise, I always just stand around and observe ... and laugh, lol. Either way, in response to my decision/statement, I get a "Well, have you ever tried talking/getting to know the others better?"

That question/statement made me think about the whole concept of "making friends" quite a bit. And honestly, after all that, I think I kind of concluded that no, I don't really make friends o_o; and in relation to that statement, no, I haven't really tried talking more to/getting to know the others better. I've found (I think) that most of my friends that I have right now are the ones that started "the" conversation with me and then I started talking and then friendships develop from there and whatnot. What's more is that I don't think I've ever done (or majorly attempted) that myself. Except for one person, which I (unkindly) ditched shortly after saying hi during first day at school (LOL, soz if you ever read this =P) and then somehow something happened (probably she started talking to me) and then we became friends (and yes, this is the sole case I remember cuz it left a very big impression in the fact that I felt super bad for ditching her). Other than that, mentally going through my list of few friends =P I've found that most are the ones that've talked to me at the beginning and not me talking to them ...

... which is kinda sad >_>; ...

This also makes me think of the whole "catching up" with friends-I-have-not-seen-in-however-long and generally talking with friends I regularly see. Earlier in the week, I met up with a friend whom I hadn't seen for a quite a couple of months ... since March actually. Kinda awkward at first (no offense) but then after initial "Hi's" and "Haven't seen you in so long!" conversation lapsed to the usual "How's uni/life/family/general interests or hobbies going" conversation. Obviously, talk like that can only last so long. Insert periodic awkwardness. Eventually, time lapsed by and we both had to head back to uni/classes. And so that was the end of our chummy time...

It really annoys me that I can't get stereotypical conversations out of my system. Each time I do it, I mentally kick myself but you know, I think "at least it's conversation, better than silence or something." Sometimes I feel like I need a "friend manual" or "how to make conversation manual" ... ok, that sounds fully dodge. Point is, I don't seem to be able or have the skill to make "decent" conversation ... sigh.

So this point makes me think about the friends I regularly encounter/talk to. Even them, conversation doesn't change much except for a few varying factors. Some I have more things to talk to/about, some less so/normal/boring talk. Also, the more that I think about it, it's usually them asking some questions and me answering, throwing back a few questions periodically. Or there's the "telling stories" times (ie. funny/weird/random stuff that's happened in the day/lately) and whatnot ... then again, I guess that's general/usual conversation with friends.

... ok, I don't know what exact point I'm trying to make anymore. Probably just simply, I fail at making friends? lol ...

... makes me understand how people get their first impressions of me. Most popular ones being: mean, cold, unfriendly, too serious, blank, up-myself outlook.

Should change that ...

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Human behaviour

Go into a shop, try on things, don't like it, leave things lying around/throw back randomly on shelves, expect that someone will clean up after you/will put things back to its orderly look.

The older of the younger generation appear to be more well mannered than the younger. In this case (my observations), Japanese girls in their early 20s are more polite, well mannered and represent their culture more so than the younger Japanese girls.

Calling up to abuse someone of the whereabouts of their goods because they have not bothered to search for it. Upon finding the goods where they are supposed to be (and probably feeling embarrassed about it), have no courtesy to call back and inform the other party about the fortunate turn of events. Meanwhile, others are stressing away to ensure that the (previously) unfortunate situation is amended asap.

Being inconsiderate on the bus. We all need to get home, you should at least cooperate with everyone and move as far into the bus as possible so people can get on the bus and get home and not need to wait for however much longer for the next bus which could potentially be full as well. Sigh.

Being kind on the bus. Something I admire. Like, seeing the aged/mature/handicapped and taking the initiative and get up and offer them a seat. Like, being aware of (certain) situations around the bus and offer input (taking the correct bus, getting to a certain place). Like, stopping the bus (drivers) when you see someone running for the bus and not just take off.

General kindness and concern for others. For other friends. Doing things at the right time. Thank you.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Two months

... of my thoughts and things to share. This is how my attempt started in MS Word a bit over a month ago...

Time for some serious blogging ...
... because someone told me to do so a couple of weeks ago and I suddenly felt compelled to take action now (finally?) at 1am on a Sunday morning just cuz I'm not tired enough to sleep yet. Somehow I predict that thisíll take a couple of days to finish ...
For the past several months, life has been particularly challenging, eventful(?) and deep thought inducing. On too many occasions have certain things/situations been thrown at me, relationships with some people going haywire/not to my liking, too many things happening around me that shouldnít affect me have been indirectly affecting me, constant questioning and self reflection on my walk with Christ, getting annoyed at myself for my own behaviour, getting annoyed at others for their behaviour (which I really shouldnít)... and the list goes on. This is starting to sound like a rant entry ...

... and so it did, 2 pages later. Yes it did turn out to be a rant entry (it just went on and on and on and then I fell asleep at the end), but no one is ever going to see that now. Trying to share a whole monthís (or more) worth of things at one in the morning is no good. And since my multiple attempts since then havenít worked well, Iíve concluded that I wonít get anywhere with detail ... so Iím just going to keep it simple/to a minimum. Ask if highly curious (emphasis on highly), otherwise, donít?

So, the semester continues on. Honestly, I have fully wasted this week of break time thatís been given to me (uni study wise). Iím really annoyed at myself. What annoys me even more is the fact that itís not the first time. Itís like a constant reminder that Iím not actively doing anything to change this bad habit of mine. Procrastinating, constant mindset that I still have time to complete what I need to do at a later date ... the problem of knowing but not doing. On the other hand, this week long break has given me the opportunity for some good me time (which I really needed) and the chance to catch up on some of the non-uni related things I needed to do (unfortunately, not all done). I guess Iím just in conflict on whether I used my break time wisely or not. Either way, Iím happy that there actually was a break.

University life, I could say, has been a major downfall for me. Work and study has been kept to a minimum not matter how hard Iíve tried. My laziness is pretty bad right now and my motivation is nearly all out the door. Iíve totally lost my work ethic. I used to think I was able to complete things on time and have somewhat of an orderly/organised feel about my life. Now, thatís just far from it. I wish I had as much willpower as I had during high school, or as much as I believed to have had back then. Iím really disappointed in myself about that. I feel that Iíve become a major disappointment; to myself especially, to family and to close friends (whether they know it or not). I feel that I have worsened as a person and that my behaviour and attitude should be given a big smack on the head (if it had oneÖ or maybe someone should just literally smack me on the head). Too many times have I done something, thinking it was the proper thing to do but then upon reflecting upon the actions later, decided that it was probably the worst/most stupidest thing I couldíve done given the situation. I really hate myself for that. And the fact that it continually happens ... againÖ and againÖ and againÖ and you get the idea.

General life and everything else
(ie. all my random thoughts ... no paragraphs from this point onwards are logically linked)

Time is a bum.

Procrastination is bad. Not that I didnít know that already.

My memory is getting progressively worse ...

Life is one huge rollercoaster ride experience or a puzzle board. (yes I know, very cliche, shush). Thereís the bits where you get a big kick out of it (past few months: Church camps Ė EMP and BLT), thereís the bits where things just continually seem to be at a loss (down time in life) and thereís the bits that are normal (everything else I guess). Then you know, thereís the bits that donít make sense but after you piece it all together, you get the bigger picture and voila! everything makes sense. Thereís just so many things constantly nagging at me right now, most of the time, I just feel in a total loss of what to do next. I guess whatís important is that Iím gradually and slowly learning from it (I think).

Why do all big things happen at the end of the year? Grr ...

Things Iíve absorbed from EMP and BLT are constantly nagging me each day like someone constantly whacking you over the head with a pillow (or a book sometimes ... but that really hurts) or a kid that constantly tugs at your sleeve or the dust that is increasingly accumulating over my table or the ... ok Iíll stop.

Chocolate buffet in the city ... methinks I wonít be eating large amounts of chocolate for quite a while.

So many people are getting married lately, whatís with that?

Never third wheel unless needed ... otherwise avoid it whenever possible ...

Kids these days ... *no comment*

I want to watch some good horror/scary movies ...

In response to a news report about a guy handicapped after a night out with friends Ė why are people so agro and feel the need to waste themselves and vent it out on other human beings and potentially (in this case, literally) putting the lives of others at risk. Whatís the point?

The song by Lifehouse, ďEverythingĒ and its accompanying drama is something that should be seen by anyone who hasnít heard of the gospel. So silly of me, I kept wondering why I kept seeing it at various different places.

Rawr. I dislike the human behaviour of assumption and all its related things ... so bothersome. And fine, Iíll admit that I do it too, but just not in certain areas.

Radio has been on at work lately. So sick of the fact that radio stations choose to play the same songs over and over and over and over again when they have a choice of so many other songs to broadcast. On the other hand, a couple of weeks ago, the radio hosts had an interesting discussion between themselves and with the public on the topic of "Goals in Life". Typically, it started off with the usual studying hard out at school to enable yourself to enter a pro university so you can study the course you've planned to do since whenever, graduate from your studies after how many years, get your dream job, settle down, etcetc, and then all is good.
But is it really? Obviously, thatís how the discussion part came about. Most who called in were basically complaining - saying how their lives have unfortunately not worked out the way theyíve planned to; having a "defined" goal/path to success/life mapped out for themselves, but upon reaching that goal, they found that it wasnít all that satisfying and felt that they were just stuck in the environment they landed themselves in from their area or studies. They felt unable to escape from it or progress to a further/higher stage.
In short (because itís nearly 2am and I think I should be getting some sleep since uni is tomorrow and law lectures arenít exactly the most interesting things I want to listen to), life isnít all about ourselves and fulfilling our own desires, itís about God. God created us so that we can serve Him and please Him. Reading "A Purpose Driven Life" once again has made me think about and explore such concepts in more depth (this topic was discussed in the 2nd chapter or something) on a different level than 5/6 years ago... Iím glad I dug this book out after all these years. It really sheds some light on a lot of things.


For those who read to the end, youíre crazy.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When it's the holidays ...

During dinner:

Sis: There is like, hardly any meat on those ribs. I bet if you take away all the bone, you'd only be left with this little section of meat ... Where do the ribs come from anyway?
Me: You know, that is a very good question ... one that I don't have an answer for ...
Sis: It's probably from a cow or something
Mum: ...
Me: Yeah I think so .. honey BBQ ribs
Mum: Er .. Honey BBQ -PORK- Ribs ...
Me: So yeah ... cow. Oh wait, pig ... haha >_>




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Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo Time

Thought I didn't archive properly before lol, nearly freaked, but realised the site was just slow at uploading everything.
Been a while since I've properly updated, as many people have pointed out. I promise I'll do it. If not, you can whack me on the head for totally wasting my time, because, I have a whole week of holidays and that provides me with more than sufficient time to do a proper update. The proper update should also come with a new layout which I've been telling myself to fix. Ha.

In the meantime, photo time! I was just going through and renaming my photo folders before and decided that I will actually post them up today as opposed to all those other times that I've wanted to. So, have fun looking at the photos? I guess you could also say that this is a super simplified version of what's been happening in my life since last decent update.

Foodwise (mostly) ...

Home dinner varieties:

Mum's Tex Mex wrap with salad and pumpkin soup

Roast turkey with creamy potato bake and salad

Vonnie's 21st Party:

YUM! Now let's take a closer look ...

The awesomely cute cake.

Strawberry Cheesecake. Yum.

Red Bean Pancake =D

Wendy's Custard Fruit Flan (so pretty!)

Till this day, I'm still not too sure what it is. Mocha mousse of some sort.

Father's Day:

hehehe ...

Red bean pudding and other (not sure of english name)

Peach and strawberry pastry

hey, this looks familiar =P

"omgsh, it's so cute! who made it?" "Sara Lee made it" XD

The Salad Man (aka. my lunch today):

Yummy ..

rawrawr *makes a mess*

Sad Salad Man

Happy Salad Man

Salad Man with a moustache

Okok ... I'll stop haha. Need to go do some housework lol. I might continue with a bit more later.

And just to end off...

... silly China goods.

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